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Virtual School Counseling Services

Online school counselors work with students to help them throughout their K–12 journey. From our youngest students through graduating seniors, counselors can help students navigate social situations, develop coping skills to deal with school and homelife stressors, and grow through social and emotional wellness training. Our state-certified virtual school counselors proactively reach out to students during difficult times and:

  • provide individual and group counseling
  • hold live online lessons focused on social and emotional wellness
  • offer college and career counseling

School counselors are an important part of students’ educational teams and can help your child reach academic and life goals.

Success After Connections Academy

Success can be defined in many ways. We’re proud of the countless ways that Connections Academy® students go on to shine after graduating from high school. One student may be accepted into an Ivy League university, while another may pursue specialized career training, and a third may enter the workforce the day after graduation.

The Connections Academy program is designed to set up a strong foundation for success in whatever a student wishes to pursue. Our personalized instruction means that teachers meet students at their own level, helping them develop their individual gifts and talents and overcome challenges. As they work toward personal excellence, students also enjoy opportunities to exercise creativity and critical thinking, build character, and develop valuable collaboration and communication skills. The goal is to help all Connections Academy students prepare for the next phase of their life.

Preparing Students for College and Career

Beyond their daily online school counseling activities, our counselors offer services designed to help high school students prepare for college and career:

  • Personal learning plans focusing on post-graduation goals.
  • Interactive, online LiveLesson® sessions connect Connections Academy families across the country with real-time information on financial aid and scholarships, college application processes, entrance requirements, and more.
  • College test–preparation courses help prepare for the ACT® and SAT® examinations.
  • One-on-one guidance counseling with seniors provides resources and help with postsecondary planning, including career options, vocational training, and college selection
  • College Planning Club: Designed for students in grades 9–12, this club helps those who plan to attend college develop a portfolio that focuses on elements sought by college admissions committees.
  • Career Club: This club encourages students in grades 6–8 to learn about potential careers and explore fields that interest them. It also enables students to enter high school with a direction in mind, making them more likely to embrace and succeed in a high school program that prepares them for pursuing their career interests.


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