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Find a Connections Academy Online High School in Your State

Are you looking for the best high school in your area? Statewide online high schools like those supported by Connections Academy are an excellent alternative to sending your child to a lackluster, local brick-and-mortar school.

Select your local school from the drop-down below to learn more about free online high school programs available in your area.

Find Available Schools with High School Grades

Connections Academy offers High School students:

  • A rigorous, high-quality homeschool curriculum that aligns with state and national standards
  • Dozens of wide-ranging electives which allows students to broaden their skills and explore new interests.
  • Field trips to colleges, universities and businesses to help students explore and prepare for the future.
  • Flexible scheduling which allows students to enjoy a better balance of education, extracurricular activities, and family life
  • Advanced virtual school technology which makes learning more relatable, meaningful, and fun
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Where is my state?

Connections Academy is working to launch schools in more states. If your state is not listed, check out our affordable private school option, International Connections Academy, a fully-accredited K–12 option available everywhere.
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