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Online Summer School


Online Summer School

Advantages of Online Summer School

Online summer school courses with Pearson Online Academy allow students to enjoy the family vacation schedule or work a summer job around a choice of convenient summer school start dates. Using our state-of-the-art education technology, they are able to take summer courses online at the beach, on the road, or at home when it’s convenient. That way, students can keep their skills sharp and their minds ready for the upcoming school year, no matter where their summer takes them.

2020 Summer School Courses

Our online summer school program offerings allow students to:

  • Explore their interests, accelerate their academic progress, or satisfy graduation requirements with High School Original Credit courses.
  • Earn necessary credits to move forward and acquire the skills to succeed with High School Credit Recovery courses.
  • Prepare for life after High School with Career and Technical Education courses that combine both college preparation and workforce skills development.
  • Review foundational skills and catch up with peers with Summer Smarts Math and Language Arts for grades K–8.
  • Combine essential reading and math skills with technology instruction while making learning fun and relevant through Educational Technology courses for grades K–8.

With a flexible online learning format, rolling start dates, and affordable tuition, students don't lose out on academic skills or summer fun with International Connections Academy online summer school!

Online Credit Recovery Courses

High School can be overwhelming, and some students need help catching up to graduate on time. Our online credit recovery program gives your student the flexibility to put in extra work over the summer to give him or her an edge for next school year.

Our virtual credit recovery program gives students the flexibility to take courses they need to catch up to peers and earn their high school diploma online.

The Advantages of Summer Learning

Even the most dedicated students look forward to the "no more pencils, no more books" freedom of summer. But the break from study can weaken important skills. Fortunately, with summer school courses from International Connections Academy , a fully-accredited, tuition-based online school for grades K–12, students can avoid losing what they’ve learned while still enjoying family, friends, and vacation!

What is Summer Learning Loss?

Without practice, students tend to lose the skills and information they learn in school. The average student, for example, loses an average of 2.6 months of math learning over the summer. At the beginning of a new school year, teachers typically spend three to four weeks reteaching material from the previous year.

Educators have struggled to combat this "summer slide" for years. Without the effort and input of parents, however, summer learning loss tends to accrue, turning into an achievement gap that can leave some kids two to three years behind their peers.

Avoiding summer brain drain requires taking steps to keep students engaged in their learning all summer long.