How Do Living Things Change As They Grow?

Plants and Animals


How do living things change as they grow?

  1. write icon How do you grow and change? How do other things change as they grow?

  2. Watch as Gator tells you more about how living things grow and change.

  • Describe how animals, plants, and people change as they grow

  • change
  • grow
  • sequence

Lesson Guide (Coaching Guide)

Before beginning the lesson, read the Essential Question to your student. Have your student share any thoughts about the question.

  1. Introduce this unit to your student by finding out what she already knows about how living things change as they grow. To start, have her open her science notebook, and draw a picture showing how she has changed since she was a baby. She can add words, phrases, sentences, or labels to her picture. Assist your student with writing, as necessary. When she is finished, look at the picture together and discuss the ways she has changed. She should be able to provide examples of physical and developmental growth, such as height, hair length or color, walking, talking, learning, and eating. Ask: What other living things change as they grow? She should be able to identify plants and animals. Say: Today you will begin a unit about plants and animals. Allow her to share everything she knows about how plants and animals change as they grow.
  2. Have your student watch the animation. Gator will present the Big Question for this unit: How do living things change as they grow? Discuss with your student the questions that Gator presents in the short animation.
Teaching Guide
Click on the link below to view the Plants and Animals teaching guide.
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